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Fixing a Flashing Transition in Windows Phone Apps

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Fixing a Flashing Transition in Windows Phone Apps

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We have one Windows Phone app which we have designed to have white background even when the phone’s theme is set to black.


The app uses Telerik’s RadPhoneApplicationFrame which provides nice transitions (similar to Navigation Transitions in Windows Phone Toolkit) when a user moves from a page to page.

The problem was that during the transition, the app’s background was shown on black (using the phone’s theme). As we had two pages with white backgrounds but a black transition between them, navigating between the pages provided an irritating experience. It was “flashing”. Here’s a screenshot taken from the app during a transition. Notice the black background:


Fortunately the fix was easy: We only had to set the background color of the frame to white:

protected override PhoneApplicationFrame CreatePhoneApplicationFrame()
    return new RadPhoneApplicationFrame() { Transition = new RadContinuumAndSlideTransition(), Background = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.White) };

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