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[fleXive] 3.0 RC1 Java EE framework released under LGPL

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[fleXive] 3.0 RC1 Java EE framework released under LGPL

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[fleXive] is a comprehensive Java EE 5 library, based on EJB3, together with a supplementing JSF component library - built for flexibility and extensibility. 

It puts strong focus on enterprise-scale content modeling, storage and retrieval, and includes comprehensive JSF support for displaying and manipulating these contents in (web) applications.

The key features include:
  • Dynamic O/R-mapping of hierarchical XML-like data structure to relational database tables using numerous data types
  • Content handling
  • Internationalization (Data and user interface)
  • Versioning / History
  • Security using access control lists (ACLs) ruling mandators, roles/groups/users and data (type, instance, workflow and property permissions)
  • Workflows
  • Event triggered scripting
  • Manage your data in a virtual tree-like filesystem
  • Powerful SQL-like query engine
  • Caching
  • Mandator support


The core of [fleXive] is a collection of EJB3 beans (called engines) that offer services such as content creation and retrieval, search queries and the definition of data structures. The client is usually a web application or another EJB3 that extends or embeds [fleXive] functionality:

To get an impression of building an application with [fleXive] the website offers some tutorials.

The "Release Candidate 1" strives to be feature complete. For the final 3.0 release the focus is on ironing out the last remaining issues.
This is where [fleXive] needs your support! Please help making [fleXive] an outstanding framework by providing constructive feedback concerning the strengths and weaknesses you find, any bugs you might encounter or what kind of features you'd like to see in future versions.

The framework is now licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1 or higher. The license changed from the more strict GPL license to LGPL to allow use in non-GPL and commercial projects.

[fleXive] comes with an optional backend application built on top of the framework which is still licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It helps you to visually manage most aspects of [fleXive] - like defining data structures, building queries, manage users and security, etc.

The [fleXive] framework is open source and available at http://www.flexive.org where you can find further information about the framework alongside with tutorials, reference documentation, a download section, wiki, issuetracker, etc.


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