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Flinto Lite Vs. InVision vs. Marvel

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Flinto Lite Vs. InVision vs. Marvel

Here are top three prototyping tools that help designers communicate how an entire app works and show all the flows in the app.

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Here are top three prototyping tools that help designers communicate how an entire app works and show all the flows in the app. These tools help designers to resonate with users, with core emphasis on navigation, gestures and transitions.

Read along as we compare the key features for all three tools and highlight the best scenarios to use each tool for optimum results.

Flinto Lite

Flinto Lite comes across an easy-to-use and intuitive design prototyping tool. It creates effective and realistic version of your app using existing design assets and offers baseline prototyping features. If you need quick and low-fidelity prototypes with just a tap gesture, Flito lite is the way to go.

Flinto supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and Android devices. You can create prototypes for Nexus 7, Nexus 5, Nexus 4, they are viewable on any Android device capable of running the latest version of Chrome.

With Flinto, you will be testing interactive prototypes from the start. You can iterate by dragging new screens on top of old.


Marvel transforms your designs into highly creative and interactive mobile and web prototypes in a matter of few clicks. Users can create screen in Marvel or add images from Photoshop. This tool also allows syncing design from cloud storage. It also lets effortless sharing of projects and get real-time feedback on designs.

You can infuse life into your prototype with the option to add gestures and animations. Whether it’s a click, swipe or hover, you can even choose how you want transitions to trigger.

Why Marvel Works Well

Simple and intuitive devoid of any pointless features, Marvel provides more creative freedom.

Sketch Plugin

Marvel's Sketch plugin feature helps designers particularly those who now complete their app design in Sketch. It allows to import Sketch Artboards into our Marvel projects, as well as make changes to Artboards in Sketch, and update them in your prototype via the plugin. This saves us an extra step in exporting our screens and then importing into Marvel.

Collaboration and Comment

Marvel offers a host of communication and collaboration features that supports exchange of information. It allows anyone viewing the prototype to add comments and annotations directly even if they don’t have a Marvel account. It is very simple to add feedback; all that is required is inserting email address before the comment so that Marvel can notify uses when new comments are posted.


If you need a tool that lets you easily create prototypes, as well as include collaboration features, InVision is just about the perfect app for you.

Real-time Group Collaboration

InVision's LiveShare tool allows effortless group collaboration where teams can view their prototypes at full resolution. Each person has own pointer with name attached. LiveShare is a nice functionality to use InVision, but it’s not a core element for all teams.

Workflow and Project Management

InVision takes Workflow and Project Management to the next level with advance features. Designers can set status and get timely alerts sent to team memebers when a project status changes. InVision’s workflow feature lets members track changes to projects as well as make to-do lists and due dates. That’s a big help for large teams.

Slack Integration

With InVision's Slack integration, users can get instant notifications regarding your projects. Changes such as altering or adding screens, comments, and project statuses are automatically synced with the Slack.

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