Help Your App Flourish With These User Engagement Techniques

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Help Your App Flourish With These User Engagement Techniques

Creating and sustaining user engagement is necessary to your app's continued success. Here are some tips for maintaining this high level of engagement.

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Usually, mobile app design, development, testing, and marketing are top priorities for most developers. However, what comes next is often ignored. Right from an app development idea to deployment, there are many important factors that drive success for the mobile app you plan to build. But what are they? Why are they so vital? These factors play a role when it comes to user retention. No one would like if their app is abandoned after being installed.

This is why it becomes crucial to keep a high level of user engagement and sustain it throughout the customer’s journey on the mobile app. Let us explore those key areas that make an app popular.

A Perfect App Store Listing

While almost everything happens inside an app, the user’s first interaction happens outside, on the app store, which triggers a download. If nobody downloads an app, that’s the worst form of engagement. Sit back and think twice about why anyone would download your app and what problems your mobile app solves. To be successful, one must think like an “Appreneur” while listing the app.

Get the First Impression Right

Wouldn’t you like if someone greets you generously? The same thing happens when a user first uses an app. Onboarding is the first point of interaction a user make with a mobile app. Misplaced elements, congested UI, or unclear onboarding structure may heavily cost an app. Including a step-by-step guide that takes a user to an app tour is an old school technique. The best way to go about it is delivering an app that allows users to self-learn.

Make Speed a Feature

You might have ordered pizza with a tweet or booked a cab with a button on your app. This is speed. Anything slower than two seconds is considered rubbish in the app world. To avoid users quitting your app, you need to consider speed as a feature.

Update Frequently

An app just cannot compete without updates. Updates are an integral part of app success. An app stays on the top if it is loaded with the latest technologies and features. Users are bombarded with multiple options daily. A little delay in the update can detach even the most loyal users.

Add a Gamification Element

Gamification adds a sense of competition among the users, so it is always recommended to add a gamification layer with a mobile app. Awarding users with points or awards for certain activities- say, using the app daily- will keep your users pinned to your app.

Be Accessible

There are two ways to do this: allow users to provide app review, or give them the developer’s contact details. Either way, a developer should listen. This way, developers understand what users want from them and what features they love the most. Being connected makes them feel secure, which adds value to your app.

Offer an Experience

All in all, the idea is to provide an experience that users can never forget. It’s an undeniable fact that many apps are consumed only once. Engagement will only flourish when an app delivers an experience. Mobile apps are now part of our daily lives; they are personal and are about human connection. Apps have to be designed in a way they get attached to a user and become a necessity. All the incentives are worthless if the overall experience hurts the end user.

All these tactics, though critical, still need to be looked at from the users perspective. It is difficult but not impossible to follow these tactics and deliver an experience that users will never shy off.

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