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Flux 8's File Workflow Engine Introduces Native PGP and ZIP File Capabilities

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Flux 8's File Workflow Engine Introduces Native PGP and ZIP File Capabilities

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Version 8.0 of Flux, a proven leader in file orchestration solutions for banks and financial services organizations, has been released.

Flux orchestrates file transfers and batch processing. Without human intervention, Flux orchestrates the transfer of high volumes of data and business transactions across different platforms and systems. Flux then manages batch processes performed against this data, including conversion of data, data compression, encryption, enterprise-specific processes as well as secure transfer for backup, replication, and distribution of files.

Originally developed as a Java job scheduler and announced on javalobby.org and theserverside.com, Flux has matured into a complete file orchestration platform.

Building on Flux strengths, Flux 8.0 adds several new features including:

  • Native PGP Encryption and Decryption – Native PGP support for encrypting and decrypting files allows architects, software developers, and users to design workflows that receive or transmit information securely.
  • File Agents – Agents, which extend Flux's functionality to remotely accessible computers, now support file copying, file moving, and file detection. Users and developers can design file workflows that watch for and copy files from remote computers as part of an overall file workflow strategy.
  • Native ZIP File Archiving and Unarchiving – Like its native PGP support, native ZIP file support in Flux allows developers and users to design file workflows that perform file archival and extraction tasks without using any software external to Flux.
  • Complete REST API – While previous versions of Flux provided REST APIs for accessing Flux information over a network from a variety of clients and sources, Flux 8.0 finishes the job by extending a REST API to all remaining corners in Flux.
  • Increased Ease of Use in Web-based Operations Console – Many different usability improvements have been made to the Operations Console, making it simpler and easier for operations teams to monitor and manage workflows.
  • Java 7 Support – Making Java 7's higher performance and greater security available to engineers and users alike, Flux 8.0 runs on both Java 7 and Java 6.
Download a free evaluation copy of Flux:
Review the  Flux 8 Release Notes.
Visit the Flux website at  http://flux.ly  


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