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Flux adds File Transfer Support to their Workflow Designer JavaScript Widget

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Flux adds File Transfer Support to their Workflow Designer JavaScript Widget

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Flux announces the release of Flux 7.7. Flux is an embeddable commercial Java job scheduler, file transfer, workflow and business process management (BPM) engine with supporting JavaScript widgets.

Flux 7.7 gives you the added capability to add rich web-based workflow functionality to your web applications. The Flux engine executes all workflows, while the Workflow Designer JavaScript widget lets you quickly add Web 2.0 workflow design capabilities to your web application.

Your users can now design and monitor thousands of workflows that wait for incoming files, transfer files to remote systems, execute system commands, or call Web services all from your web application.

The ability to visually monitor thousands of workflows in real-time, from within the Flux web user interface or your custom web user interface, is important because developers and IT operations staff need to know where their jobs and workflows stand. Traditional desktop applications don't match up with the current runtime environment as well as web applications do, even on intranets.

You can download Flux 7.7, and try it on your own box.

Review the key features in Flux 7.7 and see why they're important.

Finally, here are two screenshots. The first screenshot shows the web-based workflow designer in action. You can see a workflow consisting of various file triggers and actions being edited through a browser.

The second screenshot, farther below, shows the web-based Operations Console while it monitors 5000 jobs and workflows.

Web-based Workflow Designer in Action

Monitoring thousands of jobs and workflows


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