Follow the Crowd: 5 Awesome Crowdfunded IoT Devices

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Follow the Crowd: 5 Awesome Crowdfunded IoT Devices

Internet of Things devices are dominating the market, and thanks to crowdfunding, this trend is poised to continue with things like Plusberry Pi and Swimmo.

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Internet of Things (IoT) devices are dominating the market, and thanks to crowdfunding, this trend is poised to continue. Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo offer the perfect arena to introduce new IoT devices. We’ve seen crowdsourcing succeed in entertainment, producing fantastic games, films, and music, so it’s not surprising that tech offerings are popping up on crowdfunding sites.

Like their non-crowdsourced counterparts, these initiatives vary from fitness tools to entertainment devices, and various implements to improve our lives. Here are 5 amazing crowdfunded IoT ventures:

Plusberry Pi

With a small price tag and footprint, the Raspberry Pi is the ideal media center. However, the standard Pi lacks a harddrive connection, and hooking up an external hdd requires taking up one of the sparse USB ports. Enter the Plusberry Pi  , a robust case transforming your Raspberry Pi into a full-fledged mini-PC. The Plusberry Pi includes a USB hub for additional ports, a power button, and a built-in harddrive connection. Features aside, the 3D-printed case looks gorgeous in any media cabinet.


Running wearables are plentiful, from simple devices like the Fitbit to hardcore training tools such as the BSX Insight. However, many sports lack a dedicated wearable. Swimmers rejoice, for there’s a new smartwacth, the Swimmo  , aimed at nautically inclined athletes. It’s designed for complete submersion, and allows users to track metrics like heart rate, distance, and calories burned. The Swimmo conquers many challenges, such as touchscreen operation underwater, and proves that further specialization in wearables is on the horizon.


Despite heavy adoption, the prevalence of widespread Internet connectivity has raised significant security concerns. A recent study reported that consumer criticism of IoT devices has risen 14%, though the root cause of this spike is unclear. Worry no more. The iGuardian  protects any devices on your home’s network. This includes the standard computer, smartphone, set-top box, as well as more unusual appliances like fridges. It ensures a hefty all-in-one solution for users’ security needs, maintaining ease of use. The iGuardian might not be a guardian of the galaxy, but it’s perfect for home Internet security.


The Tiga  is a small, powerful, and versatile PC. It’s branded as the “world’s first duo OS (Android & Windows).” Aside from this revolutionary aspect, the tiny but capable PC runs an Intel Atom processor allowing a multitude of tasks, while keeping power consumption low. Potential uses for the Tiga vary from home theatre PC (HTPC), to an automation command center. According to the Kickstarter page, it’s compatible with a variety of services including Plex, Spotify, Sonos, Nest, and AirPlay.

Spark Core

Ever had the desire to build your own IoT gadget? Check out the Spark Core , dubbed “wi-fi for everything.” The miniscule Spark Core proves that size doesn’t matter. On board is a 72 MHz ARM Cortez M3 wi-fi module, and a smorgasbord of connections for your tinkering pleasure. Since the Spark is open source, projects are quite simple to concoct. Sample ideas on the Kickstarter page ranged from a solar-powered video camera to a wi-fi RC car. Visit the official site to browse the full specs and order a Spark.

Love one of these super awesome IoT gadgets? Have something we missed? Let us know in the comments section, or tweet at us!

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