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What every Java engineer should know about microservices: Reactive Microservices Architecture.  Brought to you in partnership with Lightbend.

We just officially launched the new DevOps Zone this week so that you can now follow the DevOps movement and other topics related to the cooperation of IT, Development, and QA departments. Learn about topics like deployment, automation, technical debt, release management, configuration management, developer space operations, release management, virtualized environment setup, continuous deployment, and data center automation.

Here are some excellent recent articles posted:

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Deployment Automation vs. Release Management Automation

Amazon EC2 Instances With Opscode Chef Using Knife

Releasing vs Delivering

DevOps.com Interview with @DEVOPS_BORAT

Continuous Delivery (Free Chapter): Anatomy of the Deployment Pipeline

The DevOps movement, put simply, is a push from the software industry to have better interaction and productivity between developers, testers (QA), and Operations (IT).  It espouses that each of these professionals should at least have a group of ambassadors with a multidisciplinary skill set.  They should be comfortable with infrastructure as well as testing, debugging, and shipping features. The DevOps Zone seeks to encourage these ambassadors and help them share ideas to make software production and IT more successful.

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Microservices for Java, explained. Revitalize your legacy systems (and your career) with Reactive Microservices Architecture, a free O'Reilly book. Brought to you in partnership with Lightbend.


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