Form a Community to be Well Formed ... Be on EclipseZone !!

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Form a Community to be Well Formed ... Be on EclipseZone !!

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Malai here. First I'd like to thank the community for accepting me as a Zone Leader, and to DZone for considering me to take up this assignment for EclipseZone and finally James for giving me such a warm welcome into DZone Community.

As I talk about community, a recent blog entry that I read from Wayne Beaton , an Eclipse Evangelist from the Eclipse Foundation about "Build Your Community" comes to mind. I'd recommend reading it - it's very motivating to create your own community around your work, which is what Eclipse Zone wants to do :)

A community does stuff for you. As you develop a community of users, you’ll get feedback. Feedback is valuable to every project as it lets you know if you’re doing the right sorts of things. When you’re successful in developing a community, you’ll find that they do even more for you, including great contributions of ideas, code, tests, testing, and far more. A well-developed community is a great source for new blood into your project: new committers come from your community. If you’re fantastically successful, a community will do great things like answer questions about your project and technology for you on IRC, newsgroups, mailing lists, and other forums. They’ll write books, fill out documentation, do presentations, tell others, and more. In short, if you’re successful in developing a thriving community, your work gets easier


The aim of Eclipse Zone is to become a great place for Eclipse enthusiasts and to build a strong community around Eclipse. Therefore, I am looking forward to the support of all the members and contributors to make this place a hangout for Eclipse-related technologies. I promise to keep you updated with all the Eclipse happenings around the world.



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