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Four Screencasts You Really Should Watch

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Four Screencasts You Really Should Watch

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Things are quite busy on the EclipseLive site at the moment, with a lot of good quality screencasts. And you don't need to worry if you missed one, they're all archived up on the site. Here is a selection of some of the presentations to help you get the edge on what's going on in the Eclipse world.

Later on today, Doug Clarke will be presenting on the EclipseLink project. As you may remember from EclipseCon, EclipseLink has been chosen as the JPA2.0 reference implementation. EclipseLink is the open sourcing of the well known Toplink product from Oracle, providing persistance APIs in Eclipse through JPA, JAXB, SDO and JCA.

If you're building on top of the Eclipse platform, you'll need to know about extension points. But if you're providing extension points yourself, so that other people can contribute behaviour, it's worth viewing the Defining Your Own Extension Points screencast.

Lucas Bigeardel has done a demo focussing on EMF Search Meta Tooling, which provides an infrastructure for integrating your EMF models into the Eclipse Search. If you're using EMF to write your own editors, it's worth watching.

Scala is becoming quite popular these days so, naturally, Eclipse provides Scala development support. The  Introduction to Scala Developer Tools is a short presentation to give an introduction to the second plugin in Eclipse to allow Scala development. 

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