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Framework over webMethods 7.x CAF/BPM

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of the frameworks and reusable components we have developed
over webMethods Fabric 7.x CAF. Purpose of this thread is to more explore the power of CAF, promote webMethods
platform and make life easier for the developer ....

Keeping in mind we have developed an end-to-end framework and some reusable components which makes developer's life
much more easier and also enhance the maintainability and manageability of the code. We feel that for large
projects, we should have some sort of reusable components/frameworks so that developers wont have to do the same

tasks again and again, here is the brief introduction of some of the framework components

1. Service Connector - This component of the framework allows developers to invoke an IS service/web service without

writing a single line of code, developers will just have to provide the service metadata in a descriptor (service

name, inputs, outputs), a single API has been exposed which will enable the developers to invoke that service -

This component greatly enhances reusability and also provide a central point from where all the services will be
invoked. We feel that by using this component developers can save around 80% of their time writing repeated code.

2. Screen Management - This component of the framework allows developers to develop their screens without writing
much of the code. We have automated the CRUD operations of the screen. Developers will just have to provide the
screen metadata in a descriptor file, design the view (that can be done by a graphics designer) and just define the
integration point with Service Connector Component. We feel that by using this component developers can save around
60% of their time writing repeated code.


1. Navigation Component
We have developed a reusable navigation component. This component can be plugged into any application and will
provide a menu hierarchy.

2. Custom Inbox
We have developed a custom inbox, which provides extensive searching capability on business data, and also provide
an easy to use interface for the business users.

3. Task Management Component
We have developed a comprehensive task management component, which enables the business users to view their tasks in

a business module. We have made life easier for business analysts to design process models and also implement tasks

as well using this component.

4. Security Management Component
We have developed access and authorization component over inbuilt MwS implementation and provided a more granular
level of control i.e. on the component level. It can be done dynamically using our component. Developers wont have
to write any code to integrate this component in their application.

There are many more other such components we have developed like utilities, reusable javascript libraries and many
such components - This is the result of our almost 1.5 Years of effort in CAF development.

We are willing to share these components and improve these components by incorporating thoughts of other developers
and promote webMethods.

In the next phase of the implementation, we are making this framework compatible with other implementations of JSF

like MyFaces and also incorporating a simple persistence layer other than webMethods Integration Services . We feel

that using this framework will reduce around 60% of developers time in implementating applications and will also

reduce defect fixing time.

Anyone interested in looking at this framework and the components, contact me at khurram.majeed@systemsltd.com.


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