Free Cloud Migration: Opportunity or Misconception?

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Free Cloud Migration: Opportunity or Misconception?

There are a number of free cloud-based data migration solutions out there, but is free worth the cost? Here, we examine some of the pitfalls that appear when moving data.

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In today's business, data migration has become a strategic topic for companies. This sector is experiencing a global rise with the development of different types of data migration solutions with multiple levels of performance depending upon the complexity of the project.

The Growth of Cloud-Based Data Migration Solutions

The recent popularity of cloud software is boosting the number of data migrations and increasing the interest of editors in migration solutions. The promise of new market opportunities attracts more and more market leaders to this business. This strong signal demonstrates that the market is now mature and that the commercial and technical war is open.

Cloud computing responds to a real need for speed and flexibility in today's business world. The advantages of this system are numerous. It is easy to use, develop, and implement. It offers the possibility and freedom of changing IT environments and is financially very accessible. 

Leading software editors are on the offensive by promoting their own migration tools, free to use with the purchase of their software licenses.

This evolution is motivated by a double challenge: win new customers with offers of free services and control the market of data migration. It is a well-executed marketing strategy that consists of testing the potential a growing market. The advantages are at first sight attractive: an unbeatable cost because migration is free for the customer and a guarantee of satisfaction because of working with leading technology providers.

The Downsides

But if we take a closer look, these free migration solutions have limitations.

First, the number of features are limited and do not allow a complete migration, which could lead to losing important data. This is particularly crucial for major accounts, which are the main players concerned by an advanced use of data. Next, implementation can be very long and there is a lack of freedom on the choice of destinations of cloud systems. Finally, mention should be made of the risk of additional costs associated with these offers: simple and free migration, but with expensive options that can quickly increase the costs.

Paid Solutions

What about paid solutions in this market?

In parallel to the range of free solutions described previously, there are also paid cloud data migration tools often developed by smaller, but expert actors. These solutions are custom made to suit specific needs. With high performance and a strong network of partners, users are guided through the entire process. Considered premium tools, these solutions have greater automation with no data or user limits. They are ideal for large and complex migrations. A clear vision on the costs of this type of solution prevents going over budget. After consideration, free migration solutions are not necessarily the most advantageous path for your business.

Parting Advice

Be cautious. Do not rush into a free migration solution without knowing the product's features and the scope of your project. Do not forget that data loss is irrecoverable. Free migration solutions can turn expensive because of the cost of optional features and the lack of support can get you into difficult situations. There is no single answer. It is advisable to take the time to evaluate the different offers and to properly evaluate the needs of your technical environment. An in-depth analysis is necessary before embarking on such a project and it is recommended not to just listen to marketing promises. Choosing the right tools is a guarantee of success for your migration project. Remember, this is about managing data, which is one of the most important assets of any company.

What has been your experience with "free" solutions?

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