Free Data Recovery Software That's Worth a Try

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Free Data Recovery Software That's Worth a Try

If you're looking for an easy, and free, way to recover your lost data, we take a look at a helpful tool in this article.

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In this post, we will check one of the best free data recovery softwares. As a software company, EaseUS, I have been using a number of practical tools over the years. I have come to recommend their data recovery software this time.

Up to 2GB data can be rescued, as for the paid professional version, no limitation is put on the data can be recovered.

If you often encounter data loss, don't rush to hire a file rescue company, perhaps the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can meet your needs and help you out of the trouble.

If you're reading this, you've probably lost some important files and need to get them back. Visit the product page for the EaseUS data recovery software. You will find two options: Free and Pro. And the Paid Wizard can be divided into three versions.

The free version has a limited data rescue capacity. The paid professional version can be upgraded for free for life. Advanced players can choose to have the WinPE version.

The missing information in various situations and the possible file type that can be recovered is also clearly presented on that page.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard interface is very simple. People with no IT knowledge can apply it smoothly. After installing and launching the software, first, choose to the hard drive/device or folder from which you want to recover your data.

System selector

After that, two scan modes will automatically start. And that can be simply taken as quick and deep scan. After the quick scan, you can find some lost data listed on the interface, meanwhile, the deep scan is churning away, looking for more lost data.

Scanning for Lost Data

More files will be indexed during the deep scan. So, if your target file doesn't show up after the quick scan, just wait for a while longer.

There is a file search button. It helps to filter all found files according to their type, time, etc. With it, you can find your file accurately without checking one by one. After finding the file, select it and press Recover. Now you can save it!

Perhaps you will ask, if we can recover 2 GB data with the free version, how come it is only 500MB? Then, do what's following. Refer to the button next to the orange key on the picture above.

After clicking the Facebook or Twitter button, you will have an additional 1.5GB, which means that the free version has 2GB recovery capacity.

When the recovery is complete, you will be taken out of the window. You can use the community promotion button to let friends know that you are using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for file rescue.

If you delete or format the hard disk area, you can find the partition displayed by the * symbol on the main screen, and click Scan to save the lost partition file.

I'd like to introduce EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for data recovery as the free version can help a lot for a small amount of data rescue. And the free version can be taken full advantage to check if it really helps to find the lost data before buying the pro version.

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