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Free DevSecOps Solution for Java Developers

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Free DevSecOps Solution for Java Developers

Contrast Community Edition empowers development and security teams to both to pinpoint security flaws and neutralize attacks in Java.

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Great speaking with Jeff Williams, CTO, and Co-founder of Contrast Security, about the availability of Contrast Community Edition, a free solution to protect web applications and APIs from attacks and empower development and security teams to improve the security of both custom code and third-party components.

Every day, we hear a new story about the world facing a new software security crisis that leaves most organizations unable to perform even basic application security on the vast majority of their application portfolio, which places everyone's personal financial, healthcare, and other data at risk.

Development teams are not empowered to address security during the software development process; a gap that results in organizations depending on hard-to-find security experts, slow and inaccurate tools, and lengthy, complex late-stage review processes. This, in turn, leads to the crisis state as software security comes to be viewed as a hindrance to software development cycles and, therefore, deprioritized. 

Contrast Community Edition is a completely free, full-strength, DevSecOps solution that allows development, security, and operations teams to deliver secure software on time to meet growing business requirements. The solution is designed to help small teams building Java applications and APIs protect against the most commons security flaws, including the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 vulnerabilities, which Jeff helped identify.

The solution enables organizations to assess open source libraries and frameworks, as well as custom code for security vulnerabilities, and stop attacks by preventing vulnerabilities from being exploited in production applications.

“The heart of the problem is that software security is a complex issue, and development teams do not have access to simple, effective tools that work the way they do,” said Williams. “The legacy products designed to help secure software scanners, and web applications firewalls are inaccurate, require experts and involve manual processes. It’s time to break the cycle of “vulnerable software” and for application security to be accessible to all.” 

Contrast Community Edition is the first free software security solution available to address modern software development and deployment, including agile and DevOps processes, containers, cloud platforms, and traditional data centers. 

Contrast Community Edition delivers the power of Contrast Protect and Contrast Assess, which are used by the largest global enterprises, but is used for individual developers and smaller teams. From individual projects using Community Edition to organizations of all sizes using Contrast Assess and Protect, Contrast provides the latest in application security technology to finally make all software secure.`         

Other languages including .NET, Node, Ruby, and Python will be coming to Community Edition at a later date. Register for Community Edition now [here].

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