The Complete Handbook for Touch Heatmap Analytics: A Free eBook

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The Complete Handbook for Touch Heatmap Analytics: A Free eBook

Learn about heatmap analytics to improve your mobile app's UI and UX.

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Touch Heatmap Analytics — The Industry Standard for Measuring Screen UX and Gesture Usability

Mobile app professionals have to ask hard questions. “Why are my conversion rates going down?” “What’s causing user frustration on my app?” These questions seem impossible to answer, but you don't have to — if you look at touch heatmap analytics.

Touch heatmaps help answer your hardest mobile app questions by making you see user behavior and user expectations with your own eyes. How? By coloring each of your app’s screens with a color gradient based on where users interact with the screen. Heatmaps paint a picture of your app’s gesture UX and UI, creating an aggregate of user interactions and drawing a map of your users’ focus and interest on each screen.

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What Can Touch Heatmaps Do for Your App?

A red spot will show an area where users touched the screen most. A blue spot indicates interaction at a low-frequency level. You can then use this color spectrum to draw conclusions on your app’s gesture usability, on what features of your app your users love most, and on the quality and ease of your app’s UI. Touch heatmaps can find common sources of user frustration such as unresponsive gestures and problematic or misaligned in-app ads.

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Gartner calls touch heatmaps a “struggle detection tool.” They alert you to user frustration in seconds, pointing to the elements of your app where users are encountering usability issues. Unresponsive gestures, navigation issues, confusing design and copy - these are all hard-to-spot problems that become easy to understand with touch heatmaps.

Useful both in the pre-launch and post-launch stages, touch heatmaps are also a powerful A/B testing tool. They can be used to assess and test UX copy, buttons, and CTAs, across versions, devices, and resolutions. Combined with other analytics tools such as action cohorts, user session recordings, and funnel analytics, touch heatmaps are a highly useful and insightful part of your analytics arsenal and provide a complete picture of your mobile app’s usability.

Become a Touch Heatmaps Expert With Our Free Guide

Our guide will make you a touch heatmaps expert in no time, and teach you how to use this powerful tool to get in-depth insights about your app’s usability. You’ll learn what metrics to track with touch heatmaps, how to run tests using touch heatmaps, and how to analyze user gestures and make data-driven decisions based on your analysis. Download the free eBook and start improving your app’s UX and gesture usability.

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