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Brand New & Free Samples for NetBeans IDE

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Brand New & Free Samples for NetBeans IDE

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I went over to Adam Myatt's book site for his recently released "Pro Netbeans IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition", on Apress.com, and found that I could download a ZIP file with ALL the book's samples!

Go here to get them too:

Supplementary Material Download

I had no special access of any kind, so anyone should be able to do so. Here's what you get:

I couldn't fit all the samples into a single screenshot, so here's the rest of them:

Note 1: Maybe this is too obvious to mention, but you need to have the correct pieces of NetBeans IDE installed for the samples to work. For example, if you have the lightweight Java SE distribution, you will not be able to open and run the web samples that you see in chapter 13 and chapter 14 above, because you need the Web & Java EE distribution (or the "Full" distribution) for those.

Note 2: Any JARs related to the samples are not bundled with them. So, for example, the FreeTTS sample ("SpeechTextApp" above), does not come with the FreeTTS JAR. You'd need to get that online yourself in order for the sample to work.

You can also submit Book Errata. And... you can read the table of contents (which includes preface, author's bio, acknowledgements, etc.), as well as Ch. 01 - Downloading, Installing, and Customizing NetBeans.

I'm betting that sooner or later we'll ask Adam if we can make some of his samples available in the Samples Catalog, as was done here for "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform".


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