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Free Tutorial -- Getting Started with FUSE ESB 4

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Free Tutorial -- Getting Started with FUSE ESB 4

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On Wednesday, April 29th, Progress Software will be hosting a free tutorial that will help you get started with the FUSE Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) 4.  FUSE ESB 4 is an enterprise version of Apache ServiceMix 4 that boasts a range of new features, including:

  • A normalized message router – a standard way for components to plug in and talk to the ESB, now supports multiple programming models in addition to JBI
  • An OSGi framework – a faster and standard way to create, deploy, and easily provision integration components as modules
  • JBI 1.0 and 2.0 compatibility – support for the latest version of the emerging JBI 2.0 standard and backwards compatibility with JBI 1.0 so components developed for FUSE/ServiceMix 3.x can be seamlessly deployed onto FUSE ESB 4
  • Native Spring support – enables Spring users to quickly create components using Spring XML
  • The FUSE Integration Designer - a graphical user interface to integrate systems using Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs)

Below is a detailed description of the topics that will be covered in the live tutorial:

FUSE ESB 4 (based on Apache ServiceMix 4)

  • Installing the binaries
  • Building from the source
  • Configuring and running the FUSE kernel
  • Introduction to the FUSE shell
  • Working with Eclipse and Maven
  • Writing and deploying your own OSGi bundles using SpringDM
  • Registering your own Java business logic as OSGi services
  • Integrating your bundle’s logging with FUSE ESB 4 logging mechanism

FUSE Services Framework (based on Apache CXF)

  • Creating a WSDL-first web service and deploying in FUSE as an OSGi bundle
  • Creating a RESTful web service using JAX-RS and deploying in FUSE as an OSGi bundle

FUSE Mediation Router (based on Apache Camel)

  • Deploying an EIP using Camel in FUSE ESB 4
  • Using a file and FTP poller to read in text files and drop onto ActiveMQ
  • Reading files from JMS queue, splitting, and invoking on an OSGi service
  • JBI and ServiceMix 4
  • Deploying the ServiceMix JBI components into ServiceMix 4
  • Deploying your own service assemblies into ServiceMix 4

Register now and learn more about how you can leverage FUSE ESB 4 in your next integration project.


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