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Microservices to MicroDevices to MacroData With a Space Theme

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Microservices to MicroDevices to MacroData With a Space Theme

Here are some tools, tips, techniques, frameworks, and presentations that you can use in your big data projects. With a space theme!

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To work on Big Data projects requires a lot of things to be successful. Anything that you need to make this easier if wanted.  Fortunately, if you look hard enough you will find a great deal of open source tools.   


JSON-Diff is a helpful tool for working with the ever present JSON file. The Spring Boot Banner generator is another tool that I love, but not the most necessary tool. It makes waiting for things booting up a lot more interesting.

What New?

Another update to the cool HBase Query Tool, Phoenix, is updated to 4.8 that includes a lot of updates, Hive integration, and bug fixes.

ApacheGeode has added Role-based security, Lucene-indexing enhancements, Tomcat 8 SSC, and lots of bug fixes in Geode 1.0.0 M3. Here's a cool tutorial from Pivotal (Gemfire is the commercial version of Geode). Geode is awesome for caching and worth giving a try. Easy to start up.

What to Look Forward to in the Future?

Serverless Computing without getting stuck one a single vendor, OpenLambda is working on an alternative.  If you have some cycles to volunteer, help this project out.

To Infinity and Beyond... Space the Final Frontier

I have so many Raspberry Pis sitting around, so I wanted to combine MiniFi with sensors. Why not make it space sensors!?!?!?!?!  So I ordered a Sense-Hat to hook up to a Raspberry Pi 3 so my daughter and I can scan for temperature changes and humidity changes and send them to my main NiFi 1.0.0-Beta server.    I am planning to use Site-to-Site or MQTT from Pi to the server. The Sense-Hat is on sale right now, so check it out and get into the IoT game and monitor all the things.  Reminds me of when there was the https://nasa.github.io/openmct/about-open-mct/#possibilities internet enabled coffee machine. It's all open source! One command to install them all

wget -O - http://www.raspberrypi.org/files/astro-pi/astro-pi-install.sh --no-check-certificate | bash

Speaking of Swiss Army Software

There are some cool NiFi processors that I am going to add to this fun project: NiFi Google Geocoder and NiFi WebSockets.

My Video Playlist This Week

Keeping With the Space Theme, This Should be the Interface for Everything!

Open MCT is a next-generation mission control framework for visualization of data on desktop and mobile devices.  This is the coolest dashboard ever, it's the same that NASA is using.   How much fun is that.  The interface to add your own components is very straight forward. One quick tip with this one, is you may want to change the port as it uses a very often used one.  So make sure you have Node.JS installed (wish this was in Go) and then fire away:   npm start --p 8999 .

My Other Interests This Week Back on Earth.

Natural Language Processing

Everytime I search, I found more projects, ways to do it and every part of the process has various options.  Everyone from Google to Stanford to various big data projects and universities has some projects.   I have used NLTK, Stanford CoreNLP and those work very well. Here are a few more options:

hortonworks ,big data ,spark ,nifi ,raspberry pi

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