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From NoSQL to Mo' SQL in Riak [Video]

Those familiar with Riak might know it as a NoSQL solution. But this presentation shows how to it's starting to incorporate that classic SQL feel in a couple of ways.

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The Basho team of distributed systems engineers continues to develop new Riak functionality to help companies build innovative applications. A few members of the Basho team recently took a break from their day jobs to share some of the details of their recent work at the Erlang User Conference in Stockholm. In case you missed them, we wanted to share videos of these presentations. (Hint: They aren’t just for people passionate about Erlang)

Gordon Guthrie showed how NoSQL really means “not only SQL” and explained the new capabilities and techniques in Riak that are specifically optimized for time series data. 

From NoSQL to Mo' SQL: Adding Structure and Queriability to Riak

Speaker: Gordon Guthrie, Senior Engineer at Basho and Serial Entrepreneur

GitHub: gordonguthrie Twitter: @gordonguthrie

Presentation Overview

With the new Riak Time Series, you're seeing more traditional tools like native SQL querying being added. This talk will look at meta-programming being used in a gossip-based cluster to build an adaptive Riak that reconfigures itself to handle structured data — and how we use standard SQL to interrogate that data.

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