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HTML 5 Rules the Day, but for How Long?

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HTML 5 Rules the Day, but for How Long?

We've summarized the most relevant bits of info about HTML 5, with the main focus on its advantages over the competing web programming tools.

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HTML 5 and its plugins transformed the face of modern internet in just a few short years, but the time to think about taking this concept further is already here.

If you've been programming for the web lately, chances are you are already familiar with HTML 5 and its unique advantages. Indeed, this seemingly simple markup language has been credited for the rapid development of multimedia-based internet as we know it today and its popularity among beginners and professionals is at an all-time high. However, that doesn't mean this technology has the answers to all the challenges that developers are dealing with and it's fair to ask whether it can be further improved to better reflect the realistic needs of the marketplace.

To provide a little bit of context, we summarized the most relevant bits of info about HTML 5, with the main focus on its advantages over the competing web programming tools:

A Bit of History

From the earliest days of the internet, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) has been one of the primary tools that developers relied upon to create and coordinate elements of online content. The language has endured a lot of changes, at times struggling to keep pace with alternative technologies before finally arriving to its present incarnation – HTML 5, which was first introduced more than a decade ago and reached status of globally accepted standard in 2014. This edition has been louded for granting a lot of freedom to development professionals without introducing additional complexity, and its popularity is currently peaking, with millions of websites based on this technology.  Along with CSS and JavaScript, HTML 5 is the main tool that enables quick proliferation of online assets and their evolution in line with the hardware advancements.

Key Advantages of HTML 5

To start from the basics, HTML 5 is an open-standard language compatible with third-party software, which is key to its nearly universal usage. There are more than a billion of HTML 5-compatible devices currently in use, including mobile platforms that are increasingly being seen as the key to the future. The language is fairly simple to learn, while it can be used to create cross-platform applications that can be ported to new hardware without much need for new code – which gives it an obvious edge over competing technologies such as Objective C, X Code, or Visual Studio. Most importantly, HTML 5 excels when you need to make use of advanced hardware options such as GPS capacity or mobile cameras, while finished applications can seemlessly adapt to different aspect ratios or screen sizes. In the day and age when a majority of clients is looking for software that can work on both desktop and mobile devices, HTML 5 is a weapon of choice for professionals working for Windows, iOS or Android.

A Look Towards the Future

Of course, the technology never stands still and today's standards won't stay relevant for too long. We are already hearing voices calling for HTML 6 version that would bring new capabilities to the table and empower developers to take their craft to another level. HTML 5 has limited success with data encryption, and new API's are needed to improve defense from intruders, while addition of new media codecs would also be welcomed by the developer community. Support for more pluggable languages (i.e Python) is also on the list of expectations from HTML 6, along with various other improvements to the basic protocols. However, we have no idea when the new version will become available, so most of those ideas will remain on hold at least for a year or two. For now, HTML 5 remains the undisputed king of multi-platform development and will continue to play a major role in the growth of internet-based business in the near term, remaining a viable alternative

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