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Fun & Games with Wicket 1.4.10 in NetBeans IDE 6.9.1

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Here's a fun thing that illustrates something about the combination of Wicket + NetBeans + GlassFish. Install the Wicket plugin in NetBeans IDE 6.9.1, then create a new web application with Wicket support. Then deploy the app. You should see this:

Next, open the "style.css" document that you see in the Projects window. Change the background color from "white" to "red", as shown below:

Now... press Ctrl-S, which saves the change you made above.

Then... refresh the browser. Now the browser shows you this:

What did you do to cause the change in the browser? You pressed Ctrl-S and then you refreshed the browser. Nothing else.

In short, welcome to deploy-on-save in NetBeans IDE! And say hello to seriously rapid development of Wicket applications.

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