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A Function for Batch Downloading Zipped Shapefiles with R

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A Function for Batch Downloading Zipped Shapefiles with R

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Here's a function I use to download multiple zipped shapefiles from URLs and load them to the workspace:

URLs <- c("http://gis.tirol.gv.at/ogd/umwelt/wasser/wis_gew_pl.zip",
url_shp_to_spdf <- function(URL) {
  wd <- getwd()
  td <- tempdir()
  temp <- tempfile(fileext = ".zip")
  download.file(URL, temp)
  shp <- dir(tempdir(), "*.shp$")
  lyr <- sub(".shp$", "", shp)
  y <- lapply(X = lyr, FUN = function(x) readOGR(dsn=shp, layer=lyr))
  names(y) <- lyr
y <- lapply(URLs, url_shp_to_spdf)
z <- unlist(unlist(y))
# finally use it:

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