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Mobile devices are no longer limited to receiving phone calls and sending text messages. By now, every layman must have figured out what and how a smartphone can do wonders in our routine lives. To no surprise, these smartphones have been successful in providing ingenious resources for content and communication. And do we even need to mention the hefty role of Apps in this considerable evolution that has taken place in the last few years? Before jumping on to discussing the fundamentals of Mobile marketing, let us quickly go through some interesting insights on how mobile marketing has traveled quite a distance till now and what it holds for the future.

Some eyeopening insights: 

It is evident that mobile marketing has been bringing countless opportunities for the marketers and the customers altogether and now there seems to be no looking back. However, in order to make the most out of this trending platform which is still an unexplored arena for many, these principles mentioned below will tremendously help in coming up with effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

Sticking to these crucial principles can help you to stand strong amidst competition, and paying attention to customer preferences can greatly increase your chance of being successful.

  • Portio Research predicts that mobile subscribers worldwide will reach 7.0 billion by the end of 2013, 7.5 billion by the end of 2014 and 8.5 billion by the end of 2016 which denotes that the opportunity for mobile marketing is literally bursting.

  • The  Forbes editor Lewis Dvorkin, was reported sharing the data saying, “of 49 million Forbes.com visitors in July,40 percent of views of the most popular post came from smartphones, and an additional 6 percent came from tablets. Overall, Forbes’ monthly visitors have now surpassed 50 million, and I will personally be surprised if within the next year mobile readership doesn’t comprise at least half of the total readership sum.”

  • 21.8% of total Black Friday 2013 online sales were via mobile. Tablets accounting for 14.4% and smartphones 7.2% of the online sales respectively.

    • Make not just an app but an exceptionally Unique app with its web presence. We are already aware of the fact that apps have played a major role in the evolution of mobile devices into smartphone devices, and it is because the characteristics of smartphone devices and an app are synonymous to each other. For instance, these smartphone devices are proactive, personal and vibrant and an app effortlessly supports these features in order to serve the functionalities in the most interesting way. The idea is to develop unique apps that offers unique functionalities, and these apps would then offer the greatest platform to build a strong monetization model within the app. Moreover, these apps with their presence on the web with a dedicated app landing page will give a solid push to your mobile marketing efforts as the discoverability of the apps in the app stores and the web search engines goes hand in hand.

    • Understand the mobile consumption method of users to come up with the best marketing strategy. In order to serve the best to the customers you will have to first dig into the insights based on the consumer’s consumption method of the device and their behavioral patterns as well. Keep in mind that the users decide to opt for something not just for the sake of it but because that particular thing must have solved a purpose and would have served a meaningful aspect to them. If we go by some of the general consumption behaviors, google report has indicated that mobile search is significantly more action-oriented than search via PCs. Surprisingly, three out of four mobile searches, trigger follow-up action; whether it is additional research, a store visit, a phone call, or word-of-mouth communication. Hence, it is extremely important for the marketer to understand the consumer’s expectations and use of the medium to come up with accurate marketing campaign. 

    • Give special attention to customer loyalty, customer referrals and redeemable deals. Having a generous list of loyal customers counts as your biggest asset for your marketing campaigns. In order to witness loyal customer base or let us say a strong repeat customer base you require to have a solid loyalty program and in any case the mobile device serves as the best platform to carry out the same. Whereas, the customer referrals certainly goes hand in hand with the loyalty. The prime motive behind marketing is to fetch more customers and a mobile device makes the best platform to gain ready to use contact information to build a strong mobile customer referral program to consistently increase new customer traffic. And when it is about encountering a deal, users do not think twice before having their hands over them. These deals make a solid impact certainly when they are relevant and available on the mobile phone which becomes easy to access.  Also, the best feature about the mobile marketing strategy is that, it allows to pick the the target users and further target them with outstanding deals. However, you will require to lure the users and to fulfill that the deals should be visually appealing as well. If that isn’t enough you can further track the efficiency of the deal, collect data to optimize your deals. 

    • Include these 3 aspects in your mobile marketing programs: Immediacy, Simplicity, & Context. You would surely stick on the right track from the beginning till the end of your marketing programs if you manage to handle these three crucial aspects that are Immediacy in deliverance and actions from your end, simplicity that subtly grabs the user’s attention for a lifetime and a meaningful context in everything and anything you decide to do within your marketing programs. Mobile consumers are vulnerable to something that looks appealing at the first glance and judgemental towards what seems to be intrusive from their perspective. If you are offering a deal, let them avail it right away without any obstructions, if you have opted for a video as your marketing tool then take care that is provides a meaning and it is true to its context. The idea is to keep it real and simple. 

    • Hire an ideal marketing partner who can provide you with excellent marketing campaigns. Certainly,it is time to outshine the rest rather than making casual efforts to witness success. A professional knows it well of what goes right and what would make a risky business. The right marketing partner can help you build the best marketing roadmap and strategy by acquiring useful customer database. They will even tell you how to utilize the campaign analytics and further optimize those strategies. The best app marketing company can deploy the most trending marketing tools and at the same time keep you away from breaking industry rules so as to prevent any sort of negative experiences.  

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