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The Future Possibilities of Twitter-Powered IoT

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The Future Possibilities of Twitter-Powered IoT

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If you don't spend enough time on Twitter as it is, you may have a new excuse now: the Internet of Things. 

According to Sophie Curtis at The Telegraph, Twitter is going to "power" IoT by providing a cheap and easy way to collect and funnel data to IoT devices. This is already happening in a number of ways, Curtis says. For example:

There are also a number of Twitter-connected ornaments that light up or change colour every time the owner is mentioned in a tweet. [Twitter's Andy Piper] said this was a great way of surfacing data from Twitter in a physical form.


. . . a stream of Twitter data from a weather vane could be fed into an app that controls a smart heating system, telling it to adjust the temperature in the house according to the weather outside.

Those are just a couple of possibilities for Twitter-powered IoT. To some degree, they sound like ideas that could be implemented in other ways - Twitter can't be the only way to get weather information, after all - but it's still an interesting possibility in that it could add new functionality to your Twitter feed (more information collected in one place) or create a platform for collecting data that would be impossible to collect otherwise.

Or, if nothing else, you could just create some kind of #GamerGate troll robot:

(via Ian Steadman @ New Statesman)

What could go wrong?


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