Predicting Future IT Trends

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Predicting Future IT Trends

It's crazy to think about all of the technology that's emerged in the past couple of years. What kind of IT products do you think will be trending in the coming future?

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In the past several years, the world has witnessed a major emergence in technology dependence. A glimpse of the future provided by IT companies promises a whole new era of technological takeover of all activities, from the mundane to the highly sophisticated.

1. Cloud Technology

As businesses are recognizing the potential of cloud and it perpetuates the internet to be accessible to individuals in the face of Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud, Cloud technology is yet not tapped to its full potential.

There will come a time in the near future when physical storage of data and virtual data storage devices will become as obsolete as the floppy disk and the compact disk have become today. A technology called semantic web is in development, and researchers are trying to teach computers to understand what is being searched as opposed to merely reading the keyword and displaying results.

2. More Mobile With Everywhere Computing

Sixth Sense technology is being gradually introduced by Samsung in its high-end devices. Google Glass and Apple’s iWatch are the baby step into wearables and everywhere computing. Everywhere computing will render physical handling of devices such as smartphones unnecessary with sensor-enabled wearable attributes. The main features will be:

  • Around-the-clock internet connection.

  • Built-in GPS.

  • Hands-free voice and gesture control.

By the year 2017, it is estimated one in eight people will own a tablet and mobile traffic will comprise of 38% of total internet traffic. Physical devices will soon be overtaken by surface computing with the coffee table, refrigerator, mirror, or desk acting as the interface.

3. Digital Business

Business created using digital assets and capabilities including products and services, conducted by a digital channel refer to a digital business. This will impact the workforce in a big way as machines will be performing a majority of the activities.

New economic models will emerge as the world will move the market online. Data management will become a pressing challenge as personal data protection will become easily accessible.

4. Internet of Things

Internet of things refers to the connection between machines, people, and business and their interactions. As more and more people are connected to one another through machines in one way or another, new business and market models will have to be fostered. Consumer wearables will become more sophisticated and marketers will be able to capture what the user sees, hears and feels through biorhythmic response.

5. Sensors Around Us

We have applications in our smartphones for voice and facial recognition. Google’s Android marshmallow is coming up with a fingerprint sensor. The technology is only continuing to advance.

Sensors are placed all around us waiting to capture data and apply it for research in big data, machine learning, and gesture control. In the near future, passwords will become immaterial as facial recognition will become commonplace with front-facing cameras.

6. 3D Printing

3D printers create a life-size prototype of a design on a computer by adding layer upon layer of plastic until the object is fully formed. This not only allows designers to create a quick prototype, but it will make creating objects like prosthetics much cheaper than conventional manufacturing.

These technologies are already in the making, but there are many yet to be devised. Technologies that will emerge in the future may not even be fully envisioned yet.

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