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Gaelyk - From 4.4 to 5.5 in Less Than a Month!

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The 'lightweight' Groovy toolkit for Google AppEngine (Java) called Gaelyk has made a serious development push in the last month by releasing Gaelyk 0.4.4 on September 10, 0.5 on September 27, and finally 0.5.5 this week.  It seems that the project's open source development is highly active right now and as a result the devlopers are trying to get the toolkit to a highly mature stage as quickly as possible.

Gaelyk 0.4.4

This version added implicit loggers (gaelyk.email and gaelyk.jabber) to Jabber and incoming email groovlets.  Plugins also impact these groovlets now.  The 0.4.4 version is also the first to update support for the most recent GAE SDK, 1.3.7.  There were internal refactorings of the caching logic and the addition of namespace support for multitenancy, thanks to the new GAE SDK support. 

Gaelyk 0.5

0.5 was a more major release with a new DSL for manipulating the Image service, an integration of the Capabilities service, an API around the URLfetch service, and a closure "memoization" feature to save previous CPU cycles.  You can look at the docs on these new features to get a better idea of how to use them.

The DSL allows users to simplify the combination of various image transforms into code that looks like this:
blobKey.image.transform {
resize 100, 100
crop 0.1, 0.1, 0.9, 0.9
horizontal flip
vertical flip
rotate 90
feeling lucky
The Capabilities service queries the current status of GAE's various services which sometimes experience reliability issues.  URLfetch is used by GAE to interact with remote servers so that content can be fetched from external websites.  Finally, the Closure memoization, which is backed by Memcached, will speed up applications by having function calls avoid redundant result calculations for inputs that were previously processed.

Gaelyk 0.5.5

This week's release of Gaelyk 0.5.5 brings changes to the built-in url routing system.  These enhancements include capability-aware URL routing and namespace-aware routes.  There were also a number of revisions to the documentation.  Download this version of Gaelyk here.

If these releases weren't enough, you can also find the GAE prerelease SDK 1.3.8 today.

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