Galileo Freshman Project #2: PDT

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Galileo Freshman Project #2: PDT

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Next up in my series of projects new to the release train is PDT.  PDT isn’t really a new project but this is the first time it has joined the release train.  They have also created a new PHP package that is currently the second most popular RC4 package on the download site.  PHP developers seems to love PDT.

The project leader for PDT is Roy Ganor.

What does your project do?

Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) provides a development environment, based on the Eclipse platform,  for developing PHP scripts. This project encompasses the required development components for developing PHP, and facilitate extensibility. Eclipse PDT has become the de-facto standard for PHP development these days.

Who are your typical users?

Web developers that adhere to today’s Web standards are probably the biggest audience for Eclipse PDT. Team leaders and product managers also find it useful for prototyping their next generation products using Eclipse and PHP.

Why did you join the Galileo release train? After completing your first release train, what do you think now?

The power of open source projects is exposed when they adhere to industry standards. This is exactly why Eclipse PDT has decided to join the Galileo release train, as it provides an accepted framework which enables projects to commit to a certain level of quality and maturity. In addition we see a great difference in the publicity and visibility of Eclipse PDT this time. I can’t wait for next release to come!

What future enhancements are you planning for your project?

The Eclipse PDT team should always strive for better quality and support standards, hence we are going to focus on stability and usability in the next maintenance versions. We also have plans to open up more and more extensions for PHP framework teams around the world to be able to leverage PDT as the target environment for their developers.

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