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Today we held the big review call for projects included in the Galileo release. One of the interesting things that came out in the call is that the number of project reviews appears at odds with the number of projects listed in the Projects section on the Galileo Simultaneous Release wiki page. It all depends on how you count things. If you treat each row in the table, then there are thirty-three (33) projects participating. However, some rows in the table list multiple projects/sub-projects/components. In the end, we did forty-eight (48) reviews today. One project has, thus far, been a no-show. Another project, EclipseLink, released the version they’re including in Galileo some time ago and therefore did not have to participate in the review.

All projects are doing releases leading up to Galileo. Several projects are also graduating. Graduation essentially means that a project is moving from the “incubating” phase into the “mature” phase. Graduation typically occurs along with a “1.0″ release (this is the case for all graduating projects today).

There have been some challenges along the way. Many projects did not provide their IP Logs to emo-ip-team@ until very late in the game. Some projects were not aware that they are required to submit their IP Logs prior to a release. This is something that those of us involved in the process are going to try and do a better job of as we move forward. Everything is documented in the Eclipse Development Process, but I have to admit that I sometimes have problems finding what I need to know. We’ll continue to work on smoothing out this process, and in providing hints where-ever we can.

On the topic of IP Logs, Gabe and I have started working on a new generation Automated IP Log Tool. We’re still very early in the development process, so much of it is still experimental. I’ll tell you more about it in the coming weeks, but the short version is this… it’s a feature that you install into your Eclipse workbench.

Anyway, the release/graduation review call went well today. I have a few bits and pieces to work through to satisfy myself that all the projects involved are ready, but I do anticipate everybody passing. Good work everyone.

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