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Galileo RIA Toolkit Release 1.0 Beta

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Galileo RIA Toolkit Release 1.0 Beta

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Galileo RIA Toolkit Release 1.0 Beta is now available @

What is Galileo?

Galileo was created for software engineers looking for a Rich Internet
Application development alternative to JavaScript-based frameworks, Adobe
Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, Swing, XML-based languages, and server-side
generated user interfaces. Galileo was designed to provide developers with a
fast, easy, and flexible means of developing highly interactive and dynamic,
browser-based Internet applications using a popular object-oriented
programming language. Galileo allows developers to create internet
applications that have the unfettered appearance of traditional websites,
but the rich user interface features of desktop applications by
incorporating the best features of HTML, CSS, and AJAX into a framework
built with a leading-edge object-oriented programming language - Java.
Galileo applications are client-based (require no server-side components)
Java applications that run within a single HTML web page and are accessed
and loaded in the same manner as a traditional web page. They provide all
the features of a standard HTML-based web page plus a host of additional
features that include asynchronous data transfer, advanced UI controls,
application skinning, drag and drop, animation, custom graphics and advanced
XML processing.

For end-users Galileo applications provide a much richer and more efficient
web experience. For developers they offer the opportunity to employ more
traditional software programming practices particularly object-oriented
programming by replacing the maelstrom of technologies currently needed to
develop Rich Internet Applications with a single, object-oriented technology
that is used like a traditional programming framework. By providing a
flexible and easy-to-use API and a comprehensive control library that
includes controls that are common to desktop and rich internet applications,
Galileo allows developers to focus on what they want their application to do
without wasting valuable time figuring out how they are going to do it.


Galileo Development Team

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