Game Dev Linksheet [Updated 7/21/2015]

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Game Dev Linksheet [Updated 7/21/2015]

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[Updated 7/21/2015]

Sweet graphics aren’t the only trend in gaming. Here’s the latest buzz, including VR and performance:

Retro games aren’t just fun to play, many are super efficient. Check out Crash Bandicoot creator Dave Baggett’s insight into cramming games into sparse memory. 

Virtual reality is huge in gaming, and Oculus CTO John Carmack was kind enough to share his thoughts on VR.

Crowdfunding in video games is huge, and InXile Entertianment’s Brian Fargo is one of crowdsourcing’s biggest champions. See why in this Crowdfunding MVP Hall of Fame spotlight on Cliqist.com.

Think your computer doesn’t have the specs to play “The Witcher 3?” You might be wrong. Hey, we never said you could run it well. Check out Kotaku’s hilarious experiment playing “The Witcher 3” on an underpowered PC.

YouTube sensation PewDiePie grossed $7 million in 2014. Yes, you read that correctly. Don’t believe us? Read the BBC’s article on PewDiePie’s enormous success.

Need to know what’s hot in game dev news? We’ve got you covered:

Playstation 1 CPUs: Not just for playinr "Resident Evil" and "Final Fantasy 7." NASA's New Horizons probe is powered by a PS1 CPU. The Verge's James Vincent explores this unexpected revelation.

Want to play "Doom" inside of "Doom?" Check out this modder's awesome "Doom" "Inception." Cue the Keanu Reeves face. 

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.8 debuted! Highlights include VR support, plugins, and improved landscape rendering.

Unity 5.1 is out! The latest iteration boasts features like VR support, easier multiplayer development, and a tweaked OpenGL rendering backend.

Just getting into game development or searching for some tips? Take a look at these awesome tutorials:

An awesome how-to by DZone MVB Pooja Baraskar on deploying Unity3D games in Windows Azure.

They say the grass is greener on the other side. With this Unreal Engine landscape tutorial, you can decide for yourself.

Getting into Unity3D? Here’s a super helpful walkthrough of some basics for beginners.

Think games and business can’t mix? Check out these stories.

More popular than Candy Crush Saga? Yep, you heard right. Bethesda’s mobile game Fallout Shelter is crushing mobile game sales.

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