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Gamification in online marketing

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Gamification in online marketing

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Incorporating marketing gaming techniques to your business can provide you with promising results that are worth your investment. In fact, a growing number of large companies have been discovering the positive impact of gamification in their business, so it is about time that you learn from the pros and emulate some of their strategies. The following are some of the essential aspects that these gaming strategies possess, so you can have a better understanding of how they might work for your business. 

Provides Rewards and Incentives to All Participants

Social check-ins such as Facebook and Foursquare are great online resources that businesses use to connect to their customers and give them some incentives for their loyalty. As a result, these people are even more motivated to choose companies that offer rewards, so they get something from the amount of time and effort they exert in these businesses.

Basically, marketing gaming strategies are all about aligning your business goals with what can make your customers feel special. Gamification caters to any person’s need to be appreciated as it gives anyone more reasons to do something where they are rewarded afterwards. People are generally more eager to participate in any activities that make them attain greater rewards in exchange of the challenges they have come across along the way.

Strengthens Customer Loyalty 

Remember how you used to feel about your favorite teacher who always prepared fun games for the class? As compared to your other teachers who were strict, serious and grim, you probably hoped to have your fun teacher in your class all the time, right? It’s her mere presence that makes you enjoy being in class because she’s everything but dull and B-O-R-I-N-G. The same holds true with how customers act toward businesses. When they get something rewarding from your business, you can expect them to keep coming back for more. By being consistent with the superb quality service your offer them, you can win yourself some loyal customers who will stand by your company in years to come. 

To make it even better, these customers may spread the word about your business. They may post status in Facebook that sings praises of your amazing reward system, or even invite their friends to try out your products and services for chances of getting impressive incentives that they have received. Once you get people talking about your company via social media sites, it can be impossible to stop them. So, make sure they talk about you in a good way, which you can do so by applying marketing gaming strategies that can enrich the professional relationship you have with your clients.


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