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Gartner Unveil the Fifth Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery

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Gartner Unveil the Fifth Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery

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The legal industry is slowly but surely embracing the numerous benefits that cloud based services have to offer, not least of all in the e-discovery process.  It is perhaps no surprise, therefore, that Gartner believe that the e-discovery software market is only going to go from strength to strength as legal firms get to grips with the growing volume and complexity of data that they have to deal with.

They recently published the 5th edition of their Magic Quadrant for 2015 for the sector, and as part of the analysis, they look at five distinct forces that are driving the industry.

  1. The move to Office 365 - with e-discovery something that is built into Office 365 there will be a temptation to simply use that when documents are moved across, but Gartner recommend taking a step back and looking at the issue in as rounded a way as possible.
  2. Arrival of new data sources - with new mobile and social data becoming available all the time, the discussion becomes whether these new types of data should be treated in the same way as more traditional data types.
  3. Cost concerns - despite the increasingly complex demands with e-discovery, there are also demands for costs to be restrained
  4. Desire for greater price simplification - alongside the desire for things to be kept as affordable as possible is a desire to see pricing structures simplified and made as transparent as possible.
  5. Moving into the cloud - the final key driving force for the industry is the move to the cloud, with Gartner revealing how many early adopters are starting with data that is already in the cloud

It’s a reflection of how the legal cloud is coming of age, and nowhere is this shift towards the cloud more prevalent than in the emergence of Logikcull, who make their first appearance in the Magic Quadrant.

They are a prime example of an e-discovery player that is purely SaaS, with the service designed to be as simple as possible to operate.

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