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Gazzang Predicts This Will Be the Year of Big Data

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Gazzang Predicts This Will Be the Year of Big Data

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SOA World magazine points to a 2013 prediction from Gazzang, a company dealing with Linux data security. Gazzang reckons that 2013 will be the year big data really comes to the fore, with developments such as:

  • The first significant big data company acquisitions will happen, signaling a shift in focus from proof-of-concept projects to high-business-value implementations/rollouts.
  • Vertical line of business applications on top of big data will start to explode, with some early examples already starting to emerge in retail, financial services and oil and gas.
  • What IBM does, others eventually follow. To that end, the industry will see more corporate policy established around cloud storage such as Dropbox – and more technical solutions developed to enforce these policies.
  • Product differentiation will focus less on infrastructure and more on application and service layers. As a result, more big brands will start open sourcing their architecture to encourage adoption and attract development talent, similar to what Netflix and Disney are already doing.
There are several more predictions at the  SOA World post. Some of these seem obvious (development of corporate policy around cloud storage), others maybe less so. In any case, it's clear that big data is in ascendence. What do you make of these prognostications, and what would you add? 


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