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The Geek Christmas Quiz 2013

· Java Zone

This is the second year of my Geek Christmas Quiz. Six sections of the ultimate geek questions. The office competition was won by Toby Carter with a score of 46. See if you can do better.

Last year’s quiz is here.

What does this acronym stand for? (one point per correct answer)
    1. AWS
    2. SQL
    3. NATO
    4. GNU
    5. SCSI
    6. HTML
    7. HTTP
    8. ReST
    9. NASA
    10. RAF

Name that computer (one point for the model, another for the company/inventor)


Name that programming language (one point for each correct answer)

20 GOTO 10 

    Console.WriteLine("Hello World");

for(;;) {
    printf("Hello World");

let rec hello () =
    printfn "Hello World"

while true
    writeln ("Hello World") 

WHILE 1 = 1 PRINT "Hello World" 

while /bin/true; do echo -n 'Hello World!'; done; 

(while true (print "hello world")) 

let hello = do putStr "Hello World"; hello 

Science fiction (one point for each correct answer)

    1. "These are not the droids you are looking for" (what film?)
    2. "Open the pod bay doors please HAL" (what film, or book?)
    3. Who wrote Rendezvous with Rama?
    4. What spaceship uses dilithium crystals
    5. what does the acronym CREW in Iain Bank's culture novels mean when referring to weapons
    6. Name 3 futurama characters
    7. Who wrote the 3 laws of robotics?
    8. What is the first law of robotics?
    9. Who is the leader of the Daleks?
    10. Directive? (which film?)

Science (one point for each correct answer)

    1. 1 degree fahrenheit is a different size to 1 degree centigrade which means they must cross at some point. At what temperature are both scales the same?
    2. When and where was the first cell in your body created?
    3. What is the device which blends air and fuel in an internal combustion engine called?
    4. What was the name of the first hydrogen (thermonuclear) bomb test?
    5. What is special about Sirius, the Dog Star?
    6. What year did the last man land on the moon?
    7. Who invented the jet engine?
    8. In trigonometry what is calculated by dividing the adjacent over the hypotenuse?
    9. Which part of the Earth lies between the outer core and the crust?
    10. Where in the body are alveoli to be found?

Name that cartoon character (one point for each correct answer)



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