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Geek Reading: Startups and Aquisition

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Geek Reading: Startups and Aquisition

Medium has acquired Superfeedr, an overview of the flyweight pattern in Java, and 22 other top class links for nerd reading.

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Leading our day, we have a wonderful acquisition. Medium acquired Superfeedr. This is very cool because Superfeedr was really started as a geeky tool for blogs but became a larger player. I am hoping that Medium allows it to flourish. Proper Fixation has an excellent post about avoiding “easy” things. Basically, if you want your career to improve, you cannot just do the easy work, you need to find the interesting projects to help you get noticed. The Macro gives us a good post on shipping early and often. Many people see this only in the realm of startups, but even in larger enterprises this is important. You may not be shipping to a public customer, but shipping to a group of internal reviewers is just as important.

As always, enjoy today’s items, and please participate in the discussions on these sites.

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