Geek Reading: Grails REST, Spring Social, Guts n' Glory, and More

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Geek Reading: Grails REST, Spring Social, Guts n' Glory, and More

Need your fix of links to read through this weekend? Have a look through these to get you what you want.

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The Google Security Blog starts our day as they talk about experimenting with post-quantum cryptography. Most of us do not need to worry about the details of this, but just be glad that some very smart people are doing something. Ayende @ Rahien continues the database internals series with two more posts on the performance of writing data to files. There is a good amount of detail on the potential issues around this, so the posts are very interesting reading. Zed A. Shaw has an excellent rant on the fact that programmers really need to learn more about statistics, or at least stop acting like they know more than they do. Personally, I do think most programmers would benefit from learning more about statistics, but it is a large field and takes a good amount of time to study.

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