Geek Reading: Following the Stream, Microservice Sidecars, NLP Elixir

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Geek Reading: Following the Stream, Microservice Sidecars, NLP Elixir

The perils of agile, merge limitations with subversion, and squeezing blood from a stone are just some of the topics in this reading list. Or is it the plot from a scary movie?

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If you only read this tech blog, then you might not have heard about the recent issues with Ethereum and the DAO. The Ethereum Blog posted about a DAO vulnerability. It ends up that the vulnerability was used to start draining ether, which led to a ton of posts about this. At Hacking, Distributed, they talk about their thoughts on the DAO hack. This is probably one of the more interesting and balanced looks at the problem. Stake Ventures has a post that discusses the potential options for recovery and how they might pierce the “Decentralized Veil” of Ethereum. The concept is discussed as a parallel to the corporate veil people talk about for some enterprises.

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