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Last night I woke up after a night mare. A nightmare containing a future, “improved” version of powershell a competing blogger and Entity Framework Migrations. Slightly off topic, but I’ll share it anyway.

I am back at NDC in Oslo as a speaker. Not this year’s NDC, but next year’s. The room is already filled up when I enter, opening my laptop while walking to get the presentation going in the few minutes I have left before the official start time. The computer is on, I just have to open the presentation. Going into my dropbox folder to get it, the explorer window slowly renders. After 30 seconds the menu bar is in place. Another 30 seconds and the first folder is shown. When I finally see the folder I need and click it, everything just grinds to a halt.

Whatever. I’m a hacker. I bring up the command prompt. But this is not the ordinary command prompt. This is a new, “improved” command prompt inspired by powershell that not only lists the file but actually reads them to be able to show some info about the contents of the file in the directory listing. The first file in the directory is a multi gigabyte presentation with a lot of images, so the shell window just freezes and won’t let me reach my precious presentation file. It’s now seven minutes past start time. I’m sweating.

Desperately I start talking, trying to get the message through without any slides to help. (I think it was an advanced EF Migrations talk). A famous blogger sitting in the audience tries to help and I’ve just found out that our sites are ranked the same on Alexa, so it’s fine. There’s a whiteboard in the room so I can write code on that instead of using the computer if I need. I’m twelve minutes late.

While I’m desperately doing a last attempt at getting my slide deck running people are starting to leave the room. The famous blogger has had enough, he leaves too. I feel devastated, but then I get the presentation running. People are actually coming back into the room, bringing in some of their friends. More people are joining, having tried other talks first but changed their minds.

At the end, the room is packed. People are sitting on the floor. The talk is a success.

Now, does anybody have any idea of what all this means?


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