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Generating async version of the GWT remote services

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Generating async version of the GWT remote services

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Shakespeare would ask: to generate async version of the GWT remote service or to not generate async version of the GWT remote service?

Our answer is: definetelly generate them!

  • It allows you to keep these two files (remote service interface and async remote service interface) in the sync (maybe you have had a hard time with GWT compilation and this kind of error message: Missing asynchronous version of the synchronous method).
  • Thanks to eclipse annotation processing support it is perfectly integrated with your IDE and async remote service interface is automatically regenerated after each change in the remote service interface).


Maven configuration

  • Add following dependency to your pom.xml


When your remote service is annotated with one of the following annotation, async interface is automatically generated by the async annotation processor:

  • com.google.gwt.user.client.rpc.RemoteServiceRelativePath
  • sk.seges.acris.core.client.annotation.RemoteServicePath


Remote service: 

public interface GWTContentAdministrationServiceRemote extends RemoteService {

        PagedResult<List<ContentDTO>> findAll(Page page);

        ContentDTO merge(ContentDTO content);

        void remove(ContentDTO content);

 right after the file is saved in the eclipse (or netbeans), async version is generated:

@Generated(value = "sk.seges.acris.pap.service.AsyncServiceProcessor")
public interface GWTContentAdministrationServiceRemoteAsync {

        void findAll(Page page, AsyncCallback<PagedResult<List<ContentDTO>>> callback);

        void merge(ContentDTO content, AsyncCallback<ContentDTO> callback);

        void remove(ContentDTO content, AsyncCallback<Void> callback);

Original article is part of the acris wiki: http://code.google.com/p/acris/wiki/CodeGenerationPlatform_Async

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