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Genius Post About Scala

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Genius Post About Scala

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One of the reasons I love Twitter to death. Would NEVER have found this dude's post.

If I could have favorited it 10x I would have. Of course, he will be shunned or crapped on for daring to shame people who have worked hard on a technology that they believe in. But you really get the sense, as you read through it, that the case he's presenting is completely, ridiculously airtight. I loved the section where he mentioned that running tests on a tiny project still take a minute and a half, and oh, that's absurd. Amen, Brother.

Think about it: when Java broke, the community around it evolved slowly and it was focused on trying to develop apis to cover a vast new waterfront.

But every single damned thing that has sprung since then has had a community that is a cult. Seriously, if the Cult Awareness Network were still for real, and they were shown the Rails community when it first popped out of the incubator, they would have mobilized against it. Frankly, I'm kind of surprised Ruby is legal in Germany.

I like Typesafe a lot. I don't like Scala. The community is not like Ruby, but it most certainly is an echo chamber. Folks: the web is turning into a huge flat prarie of encamped tribes, sitting around the same fires, telling themselves the same things over and over.

Ok, irony here: I am noting that I took pleasure in finding someone else who thinks the way I do, then I'm eschewing echo chambers. But frankly, this post starts talking about scala, and then it floats up and over it and makes points that are crucial to anyone who has any interest in programming. I totally agree with the comments about Coffeescript. Readability is everything, oh and probably second most important thing is that I can program at the speed of thought.

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