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Gephi 0.7 Beta: NetBeans Platform + JOGL in Action

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Gephi 0.7 Beta: NetBeans Platform + JOGL in Action

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The "Open Graph Viz Platform" has just reached its most major release since the launch of the 0.7 version last February, after a complete rewrite using NetBeans Platform.

Gephi is an open-source network visualization platform for the desktop, written in Java. It allows to explore and analyse all kinds of networks (social networks, communications, financial transactions, softwares, etc...). Built with the idea to be the Photoshop of data, the user interacts with the representation, manipulate the structures, shapes and colors to reveal hidden properties

"The application should be stable now and bring more productive network exploration. We are built on top of NetBeans Platform and the application is divided into modules. Developers can easily code and share plug-ins, thanks to the architecture. "

Read the complete announcement article and download the 0.7beta version


* New Data Laboratory (Manipulate columns, Search/Replace, Merge, Sparklines...)

* Longitudinal network visualization, topology changing over time, as well as attributes

* New StAX-based GEXF importers and exporters

* Time Frame import, import successive static files and transform into longitudinal network

* Localization is now possible, French and Spanish will be available soon

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