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Get Asynchronous Solr Search Results with a little JSON, jQuery, and Ajax

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We all know that asynchronous processes are the overwhelming preference in web applications.  Search is no exception.  Search Nuggets, a blog usually focused on Microsoft's FAST search platform, just posted a tutorial related to Solr today.  It's short and sweet, and it could give you the breakthrough you've been looking for in your search app:

"There are many reasons to load search results asynchronously- most of the big searchy dotcoms are going in this direction with Google, Facebook and Twitter all relying heavily on ajax to render their feed-based pages.

Considering how mainstream it has become, information on the nuts and bolts of the technique remain thin on the ground. So here is a really quick overview of what you need to get started."

I'll let the author, Fergus McDowall, take you through the rest.

To read the full post, follow the Reference Box link.

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