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Get HTML List Of Array Keys

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Get HTML List Of Array Keys

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Sometimes I find it useful having an overview about the keys an array has; PHP function Get_Array_Keys_UL will create an nested HTML Unordered List string of the keys of a given array. Makes best sense with literal keys, e.g. $_POST:

 * Creates recursively a nested HTML UL of array keys.
 * @param array $array Array
 * @return string Nested UL string
function Get_Array_Keys_UL($array=array()) {
 if (empty($array)) return '';
    '."\n"; foreach ($array as $key => $elem) $out .= '
  • '.$key.$recursion($elem).'
  • '."\n"; $out .= '
'."\n"; return $out; }
Use like this: $ul=Get_Array_Keys_UL($_POST); echo $ul;

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