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Get Involved with Vision Mobile’s 10th Annual Developer Economics Survey

Take a quick 15 minute survey put together by VisionMobile and play a bigger part in the developer community. See how your answers compare to fellow developers across the nation and worldwide...plus, get a chance to win awesome prizes like an iPhone 6s, Amazon vouchers, and much more!

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Now in its 10th edition, the Vision Mobile annual Developer Economics Survey tracks developers' opinions across platforms, apps, APIs, and business models. Metrics include monetization for mobile and cloud, IoT popularity, desktop app positioning, and much more. 

You're invited to participate in its latest 15-minute survey available here and will be entered to win a variety of awesome prizes like an iPhone 6s, Parrot AR Drone 2.0, and one of 200 Amazon vouchers!

Participants will also receive access to interactive graphs allowing them to measure their answers against fellow devs worldwide. As always, the findings will be available in February as a free report for the entire developer community—check out last year’s report here.

Take the survey now!

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