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Get Pixel Colors Of An Image

Pys60 now has a decent Canvas and Image class.
We can draw many shapes and color them.
However, one important feature is missing, ie. getpixel().
So, you can only 'write' but not 'read' from graphics.

To get around this problem, I write a small library that
add 'getpixel' to the Image class.
Now, you can call im.getpixel(x,y) and get an (R,G,B) tuple.

# some setup
from graphics import *
im = screenshot()  # sample image

# http://larndham.net/service/pys60/getpixel.py
import getpixel
getpixel.enable(im)  # magically give Image.getpixel()
r, g, b = im.getpixel(0,0)  # top left corner
print 'Red: %s, Green:%s, Blue:%s' % (r,g,b)

Now you can do some easy image processing with getpixel.

Implementation note
- This is a pure python module
- It saves an image as an uncompressed PNG file
- It reads pixel data from the file and attach it to the image.
- You need to call enable() every time you change the image.

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