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Get Recent Tags Used By Any User On Delicious

Still using the delicious-py module

>>>import delicious
>>> delicious.get_userposts('dfdeshom').tags[1:]
[u'gnuplot', u'math math/culture', u'python', u'music', u'creativity', u'python', u'academia/culture advice gradschool', u'academia/culture advice gradschool', u'wordpress', u'python unicode', u'advice creativity', u'delicious', u'creativity', u'code programming tags', u'delicious', u'math/culture', u'wordpress', u'linux', u'wordpress', u'python', u'python', u'python', u'python', u'computer-algebra math number-theory python', u'php', u'haiti', u'delicious', u'haiti', u'delicious', u'creativity']

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