Get Rewarded for Your Writing on the DZone Bounty Board

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Get Rewarded for Your Writing on the DZone Bounty Board

Struggling to think of a topic for your next post? The Bounty Board is here to help with a list of over 100 writing prompts. Best of all? If your claimed article gets published, you'll win a prize.

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In a battle with the blank page? The DZone Bounty Board is coming to the rescue! 

The Bounty Board

We created the DZone Bounty Board to inspire our contributors with thought-provoking writing prompts. We've wrangled up the articles we want to read and are offering a bounty for each. With at least ten writing prompts listed per Zone, the Bounty Board has a topic for every writer. So brush off your keyboard, limber up your fingers, and get ready to write!

How It Works

Follow the five steps listed below to claim a bounty.

1. Select Your Topic

Browse all open bounties on the Bounty Board homepage or use the Bounty Topics list to narrow down by Zone. Click on the bounty title to read the full writing prompt. The listing will also contain the deadline, the minimum length, and of course, the prize!

2. Write the Article

Once you've found your perfect topic, click on the "Apply to this Bounty" button. You'll arrive at the DZone Article Editor, where you'll enter the text of your post. Write your masterpiece, making sure that it is orginal to DZone, has not been previously published anywhere else, and meets the minimum length requirement listed in the bounty.

3. Stake Your Claim

This is the most important step in the process! Since we receive so many submissions each day, you'll need to let us know which bounty you're claiming. To do that, write "BOUNTY:" on the first line of your article, then copy the bounty title and the target Zone (Agile, Database, Web Dev, etc.) and paste them after the colon. 

An example, using this bounty

Image title

4. Submit to Moderation

Look over your article one last time. Does it follow the DZone Article Submission Guidelines? Does it fully encompass the prompt? Is it awesome? If so, it's time to send your article to mod! Click on the dropdown arrow next to "Save draft" in the upper right of the screen and select "Submit to Moderation."

5. Wait (and Win!)

The moderation process is now in motion, and should take three to six business days on average. If your article is accepted by our Editorial Team, they'll publish it to DZone and you'll receive an email notification. Soon after, you'll receive an email regarding your prize.

FAQs - Bounty Board

Do I need to be a DZone member to claim a bounty?

Yes, you'll need to be a member. Don't worry - DZone membership is free! You can sign up here. Any member can submit an article for publication to DZone.

Does my article need to be published in order for me to win the prize, or is just submitting it enough?

Only authors of articles PUBLISHED to DZone will receive bounty prizes. Submitting an article claim to moderation does not guarantee publication. Learn more about the moderation process.

If I win a bounty prize, how long will it take for it to get to me?

We'll ship your prize within a week of your Bounty Board article's publication date. All prizes will be sent from Cary, North Carolina, so how long it will take to reach you will depend on your distance from our offices. We do ship all over the world! 

I'm new to contributing on DZone. Can you help me get started? 

Sure! Below are some great resources for first-time DZone authors. 

Is there a limit to how frequently or how much I can post?

Nope! As long as you're following the prompts, you can post as many articles as you want. In fact, we encourage it. If you end up being the contributor with the most claimed bounties by October 2nd, you'll win the Bounty Hunter Contest

Happy bounty hunting! 

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