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Get Slack Notifications For System Upgrades

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Get Slack Notifications For System Upgrades

Make it easier for people want to get more information about prod upgrades by setting up notifications from a Slack channel.

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Has the deployment been initiated? Is it already finished? How does it look after the deployment? These are typical questions people frequently ask, especially managers and key holders.

Thanks to Slack, teams can sync up much easier than before. With more and more DevOps adoptions, we’re likely to have one-button click deployment.

Let’s send out Slack notifications for system upgrades for better sync-up and better control.

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Why We Need Slack Notifications

  1. Different people may want to check the upgrade process.
  2. To track upgrade history for further troubleshooting.

Backbone: Deployment Automation + Jenkins + Slack

Let’s assume the following:

  1. We can do one-command deployment.
  2. The monitoring system is properly configured.

Get Slack Notifications For System Upgrade

Thus, we can wrap up the deployment automation scripts as a Jenkins job and enable a Slack Jenkins plugin, then configure the job to send Slack notifications whenever the job starts or ends.

Get Slack Notifications For System Upgrade

Another question people will constantly ask is, "how healthy is my environment?" Here, we rely on a monitoring system. We can ask monitoring to send out Slack notifications for all major issues.

Put it all together. Here comes a demo. Now when people want to get more information about prod upgrades, it’s much easier; just subscribe or check Slack channels.

Any improvements or suggestions? Share your experience with us!

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