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Get Started with OpenROV

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Get Started with OpenROV

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Download this comprehensive Mobile Testing Reference Guide to help prioritize which mobile devices and OSs to test against, brought to you in partnership with Sauce Labs.

OpenROV is an open source remotely-operated submersible built on a BeagleBone, with software available via GitHub. This video from the MAKE Hardware Innovation Workshop 2012 gives some background:

Currently, as part of the 2013 Nasa International App Challenge, developers around the world are working to use Leap Motion to control the OpenROV for a mission to Jupiter's moon Europa:

If you'd like to learn more, tinker with OpenROV, or get involved...

Analysts agree that a mix of emulators/simulators and real devices are necessary to optimize your mobile app testing - learn more in this white paper, brought to you in partnership with Sauce Labs.


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