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Get Your Own Spring Poster

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Get Your Own Spring Poster

Are you a Spring fiend? Well, here's your chance to prove it with a 24x36 inch (61x91.5 cm) poster that covers Spring and its most popular modules.

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Spring is one of the most popular frameworks out there to simplify the development of Java applications. It helps developers build reliable and easier-to-support applications and reduce time to market for complex projects. Spring modules hide the complexity of various Java Enterprise technologies by providing a unified, template-based interface. The poster below shows the major components of the framework and visually illustrates how to use them with code samples and simple UML diagrams. The poster covers the overall framework structure and widely used modules:

  • Spring Core
  • Spring AOP
  • Spring Annotations
  • Spring Rest Web Services
  • Spring JDBC
  • Spring JMS
  • Spring MVC

You can print it as 24" x 36" poster for personal use through major on demand printing services. Simply save it and expand it as needed.

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